At Willow Oak, our broodmares band is based on four selection criteria without exception. Our criteria are:
(1) Superior conformation - This means balanced, moderately framed, feminine looking, super correct legs and hoofs, flat boned, well balanced (for either trotter or pacer gait that have slightly different ideal phenotypes due to the varying bio-mechanic requirements of their gait) sharp athletic smooth appearance appropriately muscled for her gait.
(2) Smooth and efficient gait with demonstrated speed. Prior race performance is a solid selection criteria assuming the other three criteria are present. But race performance alone is not a reliable predictor of broodmare quality. (Our mares without race records have been trained and observed demonstrating excellent gait and speed regardless of track records.)
(3) Strong pedigree with productive maternal extended family containing one or more Grand Circuit Champion colts in last three generations.
(4) Intelligent, willful, brave temperament.
There is no sliding scale. Either the mare meets all four criteria or she does not reside at Willow Oak Ranch.



PACERS Reg.# Birth Year Sire Dam Bred To
Band Of Angels 9K010 2012 Rock N Roll Heaven Time N Again CaptainTreacherous
Bettor Think Twice 5H990 3 2010 Bettor's Delight Island Estate Sunshine Beach
Canary Island 8H424 7 2010 SomeBeachSomewhere Duck Duck Goose Well Said
CPA 1CB09 2 2005 Real Desire Delinquent Account  
Ideal Helen 2J621 2011 Western Ideal Armbro Nectarine DownbytheSeaside
Imawesternlady R5122 8 1996 Western Hanover Sassy Ruth  
Kiss Me OnTheBeach 6L475 2013 SomeBeachSomewhere One Last Kiss  
Queen To Me 1M993 2014 Bettor's Delight Arterra Sweet Lou
World Apart 3M989 2014 Art Major Polar Opposition  



TROTTERS Reg.# Birth Year Sire Dam Bred To
Armbro Exquisite 3B375 8 2004 Conway Hall Agenda Hanover Muscle Mass
Chocolate Hanover 9KM32 4 2012 Pilgrims Taj Chocolate Layered Uncle Peter
Cloud Dancer 5N239 2015 Cantab Hall Southwind Allaire Bar Hopping
Crazy Beautiful 2K706 6 2012 Credit Winner Viva Las Lindy Cantab Hall
Exquisite Charm 3K754 4 2012 Yankee Glide Armbro Exquisite Donato Hanover
Love My Muscles 1H282 4 2010 Muscles Yankee Armour Hall Cantab Hall
Mississippi Beauty 3G529 5 2009 Yankee Glide Mississippi Breeze Cantab Hall
Moonlight in Miami 8J689 2011 Muscles Yankee Bedtime Song  
Southwind Allaire W9892 2000 Valley Victory Articulate Hanover  
Winkys Volo 7G818 3 2009 Conway Hall Winky's Trophy Cantab Hall


WO Cloud Dancer
WO Crazy Beautiful
WO Mississippi Beauty