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2021 Foals


Pacers Sex RegNo DOB Sire Dam
Timely Bet Colt 6W653 2021-02-03 Betting Line As Time Goes By
Treacherous Dude Colt 4W668 2021-04-30 Captaintreacherous Band Of Angels
Bettor Sea Colt 3W506 2021-04-29 Downbytheseaside Bettor Think Twice
Island Warrior Colt 5WM49 2021-04-21 Artspeak Canary Island
Number Cruncher Colt 1W542 2021-02-15 Captain Crunch CPA
Bettor Kissme Filly 3WN18 2021-03-13 Bettor's Delight Kiss Me Onthebeach
Me Hungry Colt 5W269 2021-05-17 Stay Hungry Queen To Me
Lou's World Colt 5W530 2021-04-20 Sweet Lou World Apart


Trotters Sex RegNo DOB Sire Dam
Mystery Filly - 2021-05-09 Greenshoe Armbro Exquisite
Mars Hill Colt 6WB18 2021-02-17 Muscle Hill Cardinale
Chocolate Express Filly 4W272 2021-05-02 Cantab Hall Chocolate Hanover
Muscle Charm Filly 5WN20 2021-02-28 Muscle Mass Exquisite Charm
Brother Love Colt 3W491 2021-02-27 Father Patrick Love My Muscles
Pasadena Filly 2W857 2021-03-24 Father Patrick Mississippi Beauty
Lunar Lady Filly - 2021-04-09 Cantab Hall Moonlight In Miami